February 19th, 2015

Daenelia has drawn 201 drawings and authored 144 captions across 345 games. They follow 36 players and have 25 followers. They've earned a total of 1,383 emotes!

"Baaa" quoth the sheep. Feb 28th, 2015
Sloth's pencil isn't working Feb 27th, 2015
Penguin dad smokes cigar Feb 27th, 2015
Dinosaur thinking Feb 27th, 2015
A dog finds a bone Feb 27th, 2015
Man with Big Double Chin Consumes Little Plane Feb 27th, 2015
Sheep confused by a cane Feb 27th, 2015
superhero: fluffy white ball with blue cape Feb 27th, 2015
Suspcious hotdog seller Feb 27th, 2015
red fireworks Feb 27th, 2015
Wizard cooking a horse Feb 27th, 2015
Storm clouds are pretty Feb 26th, 2015
a moose enjoys a nice bottle of peach snapple Feb 26th, 2015
Gerbils Fear the Vaccuum Cleaner Feb 26th, 2015
FunkyTown Feb 26th, 2015
Giraffe griefs for fallen allies after war Feb 26th, 2015
green winged burger lassoes convicts Feb 25th, 2015
scantily clad female warrior hobbit with stick Feb 25th, 2015