March 4th, 2015   http://www.twitch.tv/tashiepic

tashiepic has drawn 530 drawings and authored 181 captions across 711 games. They follow 247 players and have 65 followers. They've earned a total of 3,486 emotes!

Cutiebug Jul 2nd, 2016
Don't care what you draw, just use all colors! Jul 1st, 2016
Darth Revan Jun 29th, 2016
two headed fallen angel shark Jun 29th, 2016
Your OTP pio Jun 29th, 2016
Draw an awesome weapon, PIO Jun 29th, 2016
Thor Pikachu Jun 29th, 2016
Flamboyant man with fierce behind. Jun 29th, 2016
Lie down and lets seahorse about these issues Jun 29th, 2016
Angry autistic emo kid Jun 16th, 2016
This cat is super Jun 16th, 2016
Ugly Fool Pleads for Mercy Jun 13th, 2016
Favourite Anime Character PIO (Mines Asuna) Jun 12th, 2016
make a disney film edgy PIO! Jun 11th, 2016
One Piece vs girl with long gray hair. Jun 11th, 2016
Why isn't this top game? WE HAVE DOVHAKIIN! Jun 11th, 2016
Ayy lmao alien is now a king Jun 11th, 2016
X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X. PIO. Jun 10th, 2016