March 26th, 2015   FishStickMystic

S0NIC has drawn 427 drawings and authored 456 captions across 883 games. They follow 128 players and have 334 followers. They've earned a total of 7,893 emotes!

. Aug 16th
Sonic holds Mario at gunpoint Aug 16th
Ferb Aug 15th
Free draw, you deserve it, treat yo self. Jul 17th
Guy painting Jul 17th
Grinning moon Jul 11th
Sexy Toad has his eyes on you Jul 10th
step 5: find da wae Jul 10th
dolphin with bow Jul 10th
two people talking on phone Jul 10th
A sinister cloaked figure approaches Jul 9th
Pink haired girl Apr 16th
sonic-kirby fusion Apr 15th
A doctor a day keeps the apple away! Apr 15th
draw  charmander cute!!!!!!! Mar 8th
man saying nothing :/ Mar 8th
someone reading Mar 5th
Pikachu with a knife Mar 4th