March 26th, 2015   FishStickMystic

S0NIC has drawn 427 drawings and authored 456 captions across 883 games. They follow 128 players and have 335 followers. They've earned a total of 7,891 emotes!

The most wholesome meme Mar 9th
skull with prank glasses Aug 28th
Amethyst as a Mermaid Aug 16th
Sonic shoots mario Aug 16th
A reason to keep living Aug 16th
favourite movie Aug 15th
Ferb (Phineas & Ferb) Aug 15th
Forward facing Phineas Aug 15th
That Feeling When: They didnt read the prompt Jul 18th
The stonks are falling Jul 17th
Free draw, you deserve it, treat yo self. Jul 17th
Two blue squares Jul 17th
donald trump doing his usual stuff Jul 17th
Cute Painter Jul 17th
Grinning moon Jul 11th
Sexy human toad Jul 10th
Step 1: Exist Jul 10th
Loss Apr 26th