March 28th, 2015

WYE has drawn 248 drawings and authored 181 captions across 429 games. They follow 6 players and have 112 followers. They've earned a total of 4,733 emotes!

Intimasea Sep 17th, 2016
IT'S THE NUTSHACK (SFW) Sep 16th, 2016
A rainbow burning a hole through a guys torso. Sep 16th, 2016
The World's Most Depressing Picture... Sep 15th, 2016
I'm panel 14, you're panel 15. (Continue...) Sep 14th, 2016
Thunderstorm Sep 14th, 2016
Cool Zebra Sep 14th, 2016
Blastoise eating a tire Sep 11th, 2016
Anatomically Impossible Person Sep 10th, 2016
Do you like green eggs and ham? (Cont.) Sep 6th, 2016
Sunset in the Mountains Sep 6th, 2016
University of Wumbology Sep 3rd, 2016
Neurotic Frogs Ought To Relax In Mud Baths! Sep 3rd, 2016
Petting a duck... IN ANOTHER DIMENSION Aug 31st, 2016
What men are to women Sep 1st, 2016
The only way to go faster, is to go Gaster Sep 1st, 2016
House in space Aug 31st, 2016
Hi there, I'm pannel one! Nice to meet you! Aug 31st, 2016