Tracy Janine

April 2nd, 2015   Exeter, Devon

Tracy Janine has drawn 355 drawings and authored 858 captions across 1,213 games. They follow 0 players and have 2 followers. They've earned a total of 1,401 emotes!

A daisy flower wearing a brown wig Apr 28th
Banana and Apple disco in space Apr 26th
a green cat is lost in the sea Apr 25th
stinky toothbrush Apr 24th
Potato face with green hat Apr 24th
Snake smells a mug of hot cocoa Apr 23rd
Donut-ception Apr 22nd
hot dog's home burns down Apr 21st
broken TV Apr 21st
french french fries 100 percent french Apr 21st
Ladybug on white flower Apr 21st
heart Apr 20th
a sad green fish just wants to be loved Apr 20th
theres a SOCK IN THE ROAD OMG Apr 19th
elephant with roses raining it Apr 19th
an apple in love Apr 18th
Tiny person stands on a toothbrush Apr 18th
a crying t-shirt that came alive Apr 18th