Steven Tracy

April 3rd, 2015   Bakersfield, California

Steven Tracy has drawn 40 drawings and authored 41 captions across 81 games. They've earned a total of 97 emotes!

2 headed ninja uses hashtags on iPhone Mar 13th, 2016
nyan cat melting faces Mar 13th, 2016
Albert Einstein Mar 12th, 2016
black guy speaking in gibberish Feb 24th, 2016
Purple death Feb 24th, 2016
a man going to work. who is mad Feb 23rd, 2016
A man robbing someone for their cream Feb 23rd, 2016
gunter (adventure time) pooped his diaper Feb 23rd, 2016
Red hot clock Feb 23rd, 2016
He's so mad! The dog stole his homework pages! Feb 23rd, 2016
Screw Math Feb 23rd, 2016
Magic the Gathering card back Apr 8th, 2015
Shark head guy with powers Apr 7th, 2015
Not-yet-buried treasure Apr 7th, 2015
Yellow lego batman Apr 7th, 2015
ghost's arms ripped off by snake Apr 7th, 2015
What's Opera, Doc? Apr 7th, 2015
Evil Banana parties Apr 6th, 2015