April 21st, 2015   Miami

Ugly has drawn 322 drawings and authored 153 captions across 475 games. They follow 2 players and have 15 followers. They've earned a total of 1,530 emotes!

Stick figure shoots head off a squiggly man Sep 18th
Pig at disco Sep 18th
sassy stick man with pointy hair says yeh! Sep 18th
a Discord mod banning a troll Aug 24th
Sans and frisk skating Aug 24th
No. 1 artist doin an art Aug 10th
A squid getting grabbed Aug 9th
the void screams back Aug 8th
6 dollar cereal Aug 8th
Budgie Aug 7th
Petite Python Aug 6th
TikTok Ban Aug 6th
McLOVIN Aug 6th
Pet Rock Aug 6th
Bugs Bunny x Elmer Fudd Yaoi Aug 5th
going on a flight to Paris Aug 4th
Bald man confused about pepperoni on his face Aug 4th
Stickman with both legs broken Jul 27th