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Ubr has drawn 1,165 drawings and authored 596 captions across 1,761 games. They follow 450 players and have 535 followers. They've earned a total of 26,699 emotes!

Artist representation of graffiti artist Mar 12th
Red M&M becomes human Mar 12th
Kylo Ren (Star Wars) Mar 11th
Cigarettes boxing Mar 11th
(very nice) wolf with fire behind it Mar 9th
Man assaulting a pumpkin Mar 9th
man with lipstick seductively looks at you Mar 9th
anteater with wings holding a bottle of water Jan 28th
pink piano heading upstairs Jan 28th
kid, this ain't wonderland Jan 26th
Man commanding tornado to not go further Jan 26th
step 5: finally go to AA and get some help Jan 13th
Harry decides brooms make great painbrushes Jan 13th
Three joes hanging out Jan 13th
Lower case 't' or capital 'T'? Decisions... Jan 13th
Fishing for memes Jan 13th
Jazza is an artist boi Jan 13th
the gottem hand Jan 13th