July 6th, 2015   South of Where The Great Fires Rage

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Man fishing with Polandball as a lure Dec 20th, 2018
SCP 737 Dec 20th, 2018
Japanese titanic Dec 20th, 2018
Sun flag on nature Oct 21st, 2017
Sun getting photographed in burning UK Jul 28th, 2017
Irish Flag Jul 28th, 2017
It's the Seljuk Turks Jun 10th, 2017
The Mother of Democracy is displeased Jun 10th, 2017
currency used by the worst country Jun 10th, 2017
Mitochondria-The powerhouse of the toaster Jun 10th, 2017
Artist gives up on abstract painting Jun 10th, 2017
Sydney Opera House on fire Jun 8th, 2017
That's a pretty nice excavator. Jun 8th, 2017
Aku vs Apu Mar 25th, 2017
"SKK" got a hole in one... playing basketball. Mar 23rd, 2017
Ya' boy Stalin being radical as heck Mar 23rd, 2017
Marx compliments Communism Mar 23rd, 2017
Even Speedwagon is afraid! Jan 10th, 2017