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jeprox has drawn 330 drawings and authored 216 captions across 546 games. They follow 46 players and have 22 followers. They've earned a total of 2,463 emotes!

Magnifying glass over roach mechanic Dec 4th, 2021
cat sleeps in ukulele Nov 14th, 2021
Dragonfly absorbing (?) a watermelon Nov 9th, 2021
Storm clouds. Nov 8th, 2021
Orange Fish fishing for other orange fish Nov 8th, 2021
Fancy Shibe Inu [doge] Nov 6th, 2021
anime sailor Nov 6th, 2021
snail holding a sign that says "hello!" Nov 5th, 2021
A ghost going trick or treating Nov 1st, 2021
Bored bald guy with oversized M shirt Oct 31st, 2021
homer simpson with his donuts for eyes Oct 25th, 2021
Cultural Appropriation Oct 24th, 2021
Scientist mixes concoction Oct 14th, 2021
peace sign
Oct 2nd, 2021