Emperor Butterscotch

October 7th, 2015   within 2,000 miles of Mexico City

Emperor Butterscotch has drawn 1,200 drawings and authored 3,204 captions across 4,404 games. They follow 200 players and have 85 followers. They've earned a total of 6,265 emotes!

girl looks at gears Oct 6th
(clears throat) Y E E N. Oct 6th
Stick figure with red hair Oct 6th
Angry corn makes bid for freedom! Oct 6th
Eye coffin Jul 23rd
Cactus das CA RAY ZEEE Jul 23rd
Racist Jul 22nd
Art Jul 22nd
purple blob wants you to derail the game Jul 7th
white dot on pink background Jul 7th
Gurl Cactus Jul 6th
French Banana Jul 6th
Mandala Jun 13th
Happy balloon Jun 13th
[ NSFW (18+) Game ] Jun 13th
Tiny woman Jun 13th
Egg v. Pineapple Jun 12th
Step 3: respawn Jun 12th