Emperor Butterscotch

October 7th, 2015   within 2,000 miles of Mexico City

Emperor Butterscotch has drawn 1,200 drawings and authored 3,204 captions across 4,404 games. They follow 200 players and have 85 followers. They've earned a total of 6,266 emotes!

Step 14: Eat your thumbs. Oct 15th
Spiderman got possessed Oct 14th
e,woekjri9vkeo2ijkoweoq2po0 3p2v3koei9e2o2qp3 Oct 14th
Mind reader Oct 13th
If you chose this prompt then you are cool Oct 13th
Ponies Oct 13th
hyundai cockpit Oct 13th
Humanshoes for horses Oct 12th
white Oct 11th
Step 1: a man beatboxes Oct 10th
step 2: go to the nurse Oct 10th
hee hee Oct 10th
stonks but its honks with a goose Oct 9th
MLP series finale in 5 days! Oct 9th
lobster and sliced lime Oct 7th
Aurora Borealis Oct 6th
eat PANT (meme) Oct 7th
The Time Vortex Oct 6th