Turtle Master

November 8th, 2015

Turtle Master has drawn 59 drawings and authored 55 captions across 114 games. They follow 138 players and have 22 followers. They've earned a total of 248 emotes!

Free Draw PIO May 28th, 2016
TROLL ALERT!!!!!! FLAG THE TROLL!!!!!! Jan 14th, 2016
Adorable Penguins Dec 29th, 2015
Purple duck vs black figure Dec 25th, 2015
Grinch loves Batman Dec 21st, 2015
Stickman Dec 20th, 2015
random blonde anime chick Dec 20th, 2015
a very noisy ninja Dec 20th, 2015
jake the dog(adventure time) pooped his diaper Dec 20th, 2015
Hangman Dec 18th, 2015
Dragon Dec 15th, 2015
wtf Dec 13th, 2015
One punch man overload Dec 13th, 2015
Premature balding man is depressed Dec 13th, 2015
salt and vinegar chips ( it says viniger) Dec 12th, 2015
One Punch Garbage Dec 12th, 2015
Vet game pio Dec 4th, 2015
Purple Skeleton eats Blue Squid Dec 3rd, 2015