November 13th, 2015

Roxhild has drawn 414 drawings and authored 455 captions across 869 games. They follow 92 players and have 77 followers. They've earned a total of 4,303 emotes!

Free draw (make it cute) Apr 12th, 2020
Portrait of lizard eyed woman Apr 12th, 2020
Very smol dinosaur knocks over plant Apr 12th, 2020
Diamond ring Apr 12th, 2020
Step 9: Count your toes & cut off the extras. Apr 11th, 2020
Very Happy Koro Sensei Apr 10th, 2020
hhhhh Apr 8th, 2020
Electrical bunny in your closet Apr 8th, 2020
Namielle Apr 6th, 2020
laughing emoji bakes cookies Apr 6th, 2020
Frosslass Apr 6th, 2020
Step 3: Once told me the world is gonna roll- Apr 6th, 2020
Drawception D draws the sun Apr 6th, 2020
treasure chest at a beach Apr 6th, 2020
chair-chan refuses crush on pants-sama Apr 6th, 2020
young anime boy sketch, he's done with y'all Apr 6th, 2020
Failing at soccer. Been there. Apr 6th, 2020
Aborable Bee with a scarf Apr 6th, 2020