January 4th, 2016   The Midwest

Frosty has drawn 288 drawings and authored 618 captions across 906 games. They follow 65 players and have 36 followers. They've earned a total of 3,155 emotes!

Big Chungus Sep 4th
baby calls to say he pooped in its diaper Sep 4th
Duck can’t swim Aug 4th
An infinite number of Bees. Aug 4th
Alien reunited with its parents Jul 19th
orange popsicle and hairy cactus Jul 18th
Old man's mugshot Jul 17th
red haired woman walks through the ocean Jul 17th
Maga Kiwi (bird) on fire Jul 17th
Duolingo owl about to shoot yoy Jul 17th
Girl looks much chonk in mirror Jul 17th
Emerald duck, Duck? GIVE ME DAT DUCK! Jul 17th
A red blob pickpocketing Jul 17th
psyduck craves the cubes Jul 16th
Lit Walmart Mayo Jul 16th
Italian chef attacking enemy with spaghetti Jul 16th
Small Turtle in SPOON Jul 16th
expressionism, with the word ART in the middl Jul 16th