February 18th, 2016   hell

Sokkeneter has drawn 657 drawings and authored 280 captions across 937 games. They follow 69 players and have 42 followers. They've earned a total of 3,184 emotes!

Avenger logo w/o circle on purple background Aug 22nd
Suprise ! (from the blend S op) Aug 21st
shaggy wrong neighborhoof Aug 20th
pokemon card Aug 20th
Hey, got any grapes? Jul 17th
People storming Area 51 Jul 17th
truck in a bottle Jul 17th
Princess Peach without her crown Jul 4th
Thumb man plays with his Mario action figure Jul 4th
Bob Ross painting a bug Jul 4th
the pawn geting the credit it deserves Jul 3rd
Smoking a long cigarette Jul 3rd
peanut skinned guy in a beach Jul 3rd
Folded arms advertisement Jul 3rd
Billy from Saw with body of Hulk Jul 3rd
Person silhouette think sleeping sheep Jul 1st
Icecream Wonderland Jul 1st
The good advice cupcake Jun 29th