February 22nd, 2016   insta: feather.muffin

ebf4jay has drawn 24 drawings and authored 53 captions across 77 games. They follow 577 players and have 50 followers. They've earned a total of 136 emotes!

but.. What if I don't like Homestuck? Jul 16th, 2015
The Dog Of Wisdom Mar 21st
He-man lizard chimera Dec 24th, 2019
Best cookie run character pio Jan 6th, 2018
Cookie Run Ovenbreak Jun 4th, 2019
cookie run: ovenbreak Nov 30th, 2019
eiscue pokemon sw/sh Nov 16th, 2019
Goose gets Thanos snapped Nov 14th, 2019
Untitled goose game Nov 14th, 2019
Mista, Jhin and 4 Nov 4th, 2019
jojo's bizarre localization names Oct 22nd, 2019
Gay Herobrine Oct 19th, 2019
Favorite JoJo stand (PIO) Oct 20th, 2019
Untitled goose for smash Oct 20th, 2019
... But it was me dio Oct 20th, 2019
Giorno Giovanna Oct 19th, 2019
I am sorry Jon... Oct 20th, 2019
Callie (Splatoon) Feb 16th, 2019