February 26th, 2016

thenerdishere has drawn 15 drawings and authored 13 captions across 28 games. They've earned a total of 35 emotes!

A rolling pin in the desert Mar 5th, 2016
The Big Bang Mar 5th, 2016
really? Mar 5th, 2016
Banker quits job Feb 28th, 2016
a guitar shaped like a middle finger Feb 27th, 2016
Peppermint Patty Thinking of Charlie Brown Feb 27th, 2016
blonde girl who missed leg day being hung Feb 27th, 2016
RIP in peace Bob, Such a real guy Feb 27th, 2016
Link is confused Feb 27th, 2016
Heavy Dinosaur Family Feb 27th, 2016
Tiny green alien under a poop Feb 27th, 2016
The MLG Dump for Trump Feb 26th, 2016
Banana man uh Feb 26th, 2016
Heart Broken Feb 26th, 2016
contaminated carrot Feb 26th, 2016