February 29th, 2016

aset has drawn 29 drawings and authored 63 captions across 92 games. They've earned a total of 136 emotes!

a boat falling off the edge of the world Apr 7th, 2016
Drawception game stuck on 14 of 15 Apr 7th, 2016
carrot with face Apr 1st, 2016
M & M's eatting each other Mar 23rd, 2016
hand getting stabbed Mar 23rd, 2016
The hills have cats... silly cats Mar 7th, 2016
Pig's birthday Mar 6th, 2016
Brum is the airplane version of saying Bruh Mar 5th, 2016
Headshotted a pear Mar 5th, 2016
Where is the cocaine? Mar 4th, 2016
Golden pipe stuck in the ground Mar 4th, 2016
ride on the line Mar 4th, 2016
Umbrella pokemon Mar 4th, 2016
What does the fox say Mar 3rd, 2016
getting run over by a bus Mar 3rd, 2016
Spanish Fox Mar 3rd, 2016
Murica' Mar 3rd, 2016
armstrong Mar 3rd, 2016