March 4th, 2016   https://drawception.com/player/519134/amai/

Amaitoo has drawn 611 drawings and authored 206 captions across 817 games. They follow 170 players and have 232 followers. They've earned a total of 9,118 emotes!

close up of grimace with 5 o'clock shadow May 30th, 2016
A man with a turtle neck May 30th, 2016
A black figure with a white eyeball attached May 29th, 2016
A drunk women about to have a party now? May 29th, 2016
Jessica the purple girl May 28th, 2016
A Girl with black hair portrait May 27th, 2016
cool swinging legs May 26th, 2016
Y M C A! IT'S FUN TO STAY AT DUH,... May 25th, 2016
Skull on purple backround May 25th, 2016
Jacob satorius May 24th, 2016
Nobody puts baby in the corner May 24th, 2016
A trippy Mewtwo or a vajina? May 23rd, 2016
Sailor Rick's 1000th game (Want a medal, bub?) May 23rd, 2016
female model in the wind, drawn in purple May 22nd, 2016