March 27th, 2012   US

GLYCOHALYX has drawn 1,435 drawings and authored 619 captions across 2,054 games. They follow 99 players and have 272 followers. They've earned a total of 22,033 emotes!

Still life console table with vase of flowers Sep 29th, 2017
Giant green monster terrorizes city Sep 28th, 2017
the Gadsden flag aka dont tread on me Sep 27th, 2017
B is for banana... (cont. the alphabet) Jun 27th, 2017
the Joker Jun 27th, 2017
Taako from TV Jun 27th, 2017
Ultimate Edgelord named ShadowDeathLord666 Jun 27th, 2017
Room (Lenny Abrahamson) Favorite movie PIO Jun 27th, 2017
A woman hides her sadness with a happy mask. Jun 23rd, 2017
Forest Jun 23rd, 2017
Alternative facts pio (I don't exist) Mar 18th, 2017
Well here we are again... (Cont) Mar 18th, 2017
Your Favorite Ship P.I.O. Mar 18th, 2017
Poor self image. Mar 18th, 2017
Cheeseburger from Paradise Mar 17th, 2017
Man confesses: he uses a trackpad Mar 17th, 2017
runny nose Mar 17th, 2017
Gamecube games! (PIO) Mar 16th, 2017