March 12th, 2016

SafeandSound has drawn 382 drawings and authored 75 captions across 457 games. They follow 26 players and have 38 followers. They've earned a total of 3,258 emotes!

super hero faints in middle of sentence Jun 26th, 2017
autumn Jun 26th, 2017
Spanish One Punch Man with a GIANT Mustache. Jun 26th, 2017
Superman Jun 26th, 2017
dog star trek Jun 26th, 2017
Winnie the Panda Bear Jun 26th, 2017
cow flying over moon says Moo (WOW in human) Jun 26th, 2017
Girl plays soccer Jun 26th, 2017
Sesame Street Apocalypse Jun 25th, 2017
A 18-19 century palace. Jun 25th, 2017
Mermaid on rock Jun 25th, 2017
The grim reaper singing "Let it go" Jan 19th, 2017
Shaggy Rodgers Sep 24th, 2016
Sasuke Uchiha Aug 20th, 2016
Bee Sure likes his honny Aug 15th, 2016
creepy girl cries blood Jul 22nd, 2016