March 21st, 2016   I'unno

TheWolfoftheStars has drawn 212 drawings and authored 695 captions across 907 games. They follow 94 players and have 82 followers. They've earned a total of 1,928 emotes!

a Terrorbeak Jan 11th, 2018
someBODY ONCE TOLD ME Jan 9th, 2018
Crustacean bus station Dec 30th, 2017
Drowzee Dec 25th, 2017
A literal finger gun Dec 7th, 2017
Dratini Martini Dec 6th, 2017
Just a good boy Nov 27th, 2017
Lady and the Tramp Nov 26th, 2017
Never let your table eat plants Nov 26th, 2017
Bananarchy! Nov 19th, 2017
what the hell is a bouzouki Nov 14th, 2017
A top hat atop a top hat Nov 13th, 2017
Sonic OC do not steal Nov 9th, 2017
1930s Coke ad Oct 7th, 2017
Fox goes for a swim Aug 15th, 2017
Dont starve Jul 11th, 2017
Praise the Sun! Jul 10th, 2017
'tis but a scratch! Jun 29th, 2017