March 22nd, 2016   https://www.instagram.com/tatarul/

Tatarul has drawn 452 drawings and authored 411 captions across 863 games. They follow 368 players and have 461 followers. They've earned a total of 10,309 emotes!

Man opens gate to hell Jul 10th
UFO in a forest Jun 5th
Astronaut trails a stream of space juice Jun 2nd
a magical forest Jun 1st
Horrid yellow monster Jun 1st
an orange slice (give it to ant man) Jun 1st
Silhouette of woman smoking (head & shoulders May 26th
Xenomorph May 26th
Star Lord's Audio Player May 26th
hamburger May 26th
Classy cat May 25th
hamster May 25th
Piano Cat May 25th
Man watches the moon with his glowing wife May 24th
The woods May 21st
The joker in black and white May 17th
Miles Morales Spiderman May 13th
I Am...Inevitable May 11th