March 25th, 2016   Team Blue

Ladondorf has drawn 1,047 drawings and authored 951 captions across 1,998 games. They follow 0 players and have 481 followers. They've earned a total of 13,706 emotes!

Period Feb 23rd
A lamp genie is surprised about a Fart-Nut Feb 23rd
Hotel Luigi Feb 21st
Beating depression epic style Feb 21st
Leia in Quentin Tarantinos "Kill Vader" Feb 12th
Joker wins a Fortnite Game Feb 6th
Dig Dug Inflating Birdo From Mario Feb 6th
Waluigi gets his revenge Feb 3rd
Honda from Street Fighter listening to music Feb 1st
Your waifu sucks Jan 31st
Mickey killed the star wars children Jan 31st
Tik Tok Memes Jan 31st
Shaggy is more stronger than thanos Jan 30th
Shrek Kermit blonde pig girl Jan 25th
lebron james crying at sprite cranberry Jan 25th
Do the Mario! Jan 21st
michael jackson doing his legendary dance mov Jan 21st
Morge Simspon caused a tragedy. Jan 21st