April 1st, 2016

DickGrayson1940 has drawn 939 drawings and authored 1,657 captions across 2,596 games. They follow 48 players and have 33 followers. They've earned a total of 6,447 emotes!

Everyone is looking around the corner Aug 26th, 2020
The mathematical formula for Christmas cheer. Dec 23rd, 2020
Abstract stained glass window Dec 21st, 2020
Grogu Dec 15th, 2020
Cute Jedi Jul 22nd, 2020
Angry Ginger Dec 14th, 2020
Spider-Gwen Aug 8th, 2020
Ape Dec 12th, 2020
Red clouds on a blue moon night Dec 12th, 2020
alian cactus with eyes Dec 12th, 2020
Jar Jar Binks as Joker dancing down stairs Dec 8th, 2020
random letter in the alphebet Dec 8th, 2020
man blows a volcanos worth of smoke out mouth Dec 8th, 2020
Pet Broccoli Dec 7th, 2020
Yoda taking a selfie Dec 7th, 2020
Homer Dec 6th, 2020
Revenge of the 5th May 7th, 2020
Kakyoin doing the "rerorerorero" Aug 24th, 2020