Lord Raymond

April 6th, 2016   Araphen

Lord Raymond has drawn 384 drawings and authored 291 captions across 675 games. They follow 120 players and have 42 followers. They've earned a total of 3,324 emotes!

Plankton vs Doofenshmirtz Aug 30th, 2017
I was fine with the men (con't song) Mar 22nd, 2017
Leonardo De Vinci shuffeling like a boss Apr 5th, 2012
The great skip rock impresses all creatures Mar 12th, 2017
Yesterday i asked you. Mar 12th, 2017
Why do Blitz games never get top? Mar 7th, 2017
an advertisement for top game Feb 27th, 2017
GaMe ThEoRy- Mac from Fosters is actually NESS Dec 26th, 2016
DOOM (the game) Dec 14th, 2016
Yellmo is Love, Yellmo is Life Nov 27th, 2016
Kazotsky Kick Nov 8th, 2016
Elmo, Yellmo, Orangelmo, Hellmo, Bellmo, etc. Nov 1st, 2016
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia VS BBT Nov 8th, 2016
Yzma Oct 16th, 2016
Go Crazy Oct 7th, 2016
Triangle guy from out of that cartoon. Sep 30th, 2016
The Doughnut of Desolate Despair Sep 30th, 2016
Trogdor the Burninator has Teaparty with Trump Sep 29th, 2016