March 27th, 2012   Bloomington, Indiana

Snufkin has drawn 3,874 drawings and authored 948 captions across 4,822 games. They follow 420 players and have 637 followers. They've earned a total of 68,142 emotes!

lonely man in hell Nov 21st
A highway reflected over a river Nov 21st
Robot is alive Nov 20th
Sunrise Nov 20th
dancing in the forest Nov 19th
Death road Nov 19th
free draw but give me nightmares Nov 18th
pirate with  boomerang Nov 18th
car with blue smoke on a different planet Nov 14th
sad tree gets stabbed man watches Nov 12th
Music robot Nov 11th
Fox stares at duck in a pond Nov 9th
rat in a lightbulb Nov 9th
rainbow in space Aug 8th
The sunset melts into the ocean Jun 18th
hand covers face Jun 11th
Star tree Jun 10th
very lovely satelite Jun 10th