May 1st, 2016

XTetra27X has drawn 400 drawings and authored 511 captions across 911 games. They follow 99 players and have 46 followers. They've earned a total of 3,534 emotes!

Star ways reference Jun 14th, 2019
Edgy Mario flipping u off Jun 14th, 2019
harry potter dude as a teacher Jun 13th, 2019
giraffe licking a cat Jun 13th, 2019
dog asks what 2+2 equals to Jun 13th, 2019
Rainbow trout Jun 11th, 2019
Earth meets imminent end from meatball Jun 11th, 2019
Puddin' Man Jun 11th, 2019
Nothing, really wait till the game is over Jun 11th, 2019
Couch watching tv Jan 20th, 2019
No this is Patrick! Jan 20th, 2019
Halloween: pass it on! Sep 2nd, 2018
two trees next to a waterfall Sep 2nd, 2018
Nightmare Socks Aug 25th, 2018
blue clock smiles Aug 25th, 2018
Sonic playing with a Potato Aug 12th, 2018
Mani Mani Statue PIO Aug 12th, 2018
Goblin Aug 12th, 2018