Asia Carrera-Lemmon

May 15th, 2016   us

Asia Carrera-Lemmon has drawn 310 drawings and authored 288 captions across 598 games. They follow 69 players and have 85 followers. They've earned a total of 3,543 emotes!

Fancy sheep enquires about wine Nov 21st, 2016
I walked 500 miles, but my wife still left me Sep 13th, 2016
Spoderman, Disses Avengers. Sep 12th, 2016
tower of pizza (yes pizza) Sep 12th, 2016
It never ends well for a lifesaver in a desert Sep 11th, 2016
Embarrassed robot needs to pee Sep 11th, 2016
Questionable makeup artist skills Sep 11th, 2016
alcoholic Sep 9th, 2016
wizard with a bottle of mustard as a familiar Aug 30th, 2016
Not the kind of jam session I expected Aug 30th, 2016
#idon'tfollowtrends Aug 30th, 2016
Bear, snake in sombrero have cocktails Aug 29th, 2016
blue person hating orange ppl Aug 29th, 2016
Guy mistook violin for hot dog Aug 29th, 2016
Boring, classic, heterosexual marriage Aug 28th, 2016
2 quadruped animals kissing Aug 28th, 2016
Elizabeth Bathory Aug 28th, 2016
Heartbroken lesbian won't shut the hell up Aug 28th, 2016