Asia Carrera-Lemmon

May 15th, 2016   us

Asia Carrera-Lemmon has drawn 310 drawings and authored 288 captions across 598 games. They follow 70 players and have 86 followers. They've earned a total of 3,541 emotes!

The Great Gatsby Book Cover PIO May 4th, 2018
Batman and Robin get married Feb 14th, 2017
Words of Wisdom Proven Wrong Feb 14th, 2017
spooderman trying to eat with his mask on Nov 21st, 2016
A sinister looking yellow boy Nov 21st, 2016
Mugshot of your fave character PIO!!! Sep 14th, 2016
I walked 500 miles, but my wife still left me Sep 13th, 2016
Shadow of the Colossus Pickle Sep 10th, 2016
Geometric crocodile Sep 10th, 2016
Lapis as an Anime Girl? Sep 9th, 2016
Batman slaps a fish! Aug 31st, 2016
None Shall Pass!! That Means You Too, Steve. Aug 30th, 2016
Not the kind of jam session I expected Aug 30th, 2016
Zootopia fandom Aug 29th, 2016
Oh no!  Ab-DUCK-tion!! Aug 29th, 2016
You love me? Aug 28th, 2016
Oh no!  Ab-DUCK-tion!! Aug 28th, 2016
My last vet game for ages. Make it good. Aug 26th, 2016