Emma Cousins

May 17th, 2016   Raviolis are just meat gushers

Emma Cousins has drawn 253 drawings and authored 147 captions across 400 games. They follow 3 players and have 11 followers. They've earned a total of 804 emotes!

Llama saying oof Nov 10th, 2019
cute red riding eats cookie with wolf grandma Nov 10th, 2019
Frisk stole Sans hoodie and powers Nov 10th, 2019
Danny dorito
Nov 10th, 2019
gru is content with his bagel Nov 9th, 2019
rabbit at nighttime Nov 9th, 2019
Chicken with people legs Nov 9th, 2019
Baby gru has murder In his eyes Nov 9th, 2019
jotaro annoyed by dead person Nov 9th, 2019
a happy fox Oct 22nd, 2019
Moth x Lightbulb best ship Oct 21st, 2019
E x t e n d Oct 20th, 2019
Red cat Oct 20th, 2019
OMG! A hat! Oct 20th, 2019
Red kitten playing with yarn Oct 20th, 2019
Favorite jojo stand p.i.o. Oct 20th, 2019
Crying emoji Oct 20th, 2019