May 23rd, 2016   Instagram: @Reiical

Reiical has drawn 431 drawings and authored 182 captions across 613 games. They follow 18 players and have 217 followers. They've earned a total of 3,251 emotes!

Dabi (My Hero Academia) Mar 29th
tsundere bill cipher Feb 27th
Cuphead Feb 25th
Piers (Pokemon gym leader) Feb 23rd
TUX (Linux Penguim) Feb 20th
You got booped! Feb 16th
Bird on a branch Oct 27th, 2019
Fixer took off his pumpkin Oct 26th, 2019
Fennec w/ a butterfly on its nose Oct 26th, 2019
A bee playing gameboy at the beach! Aug 18th, 2019
"eat this!" Aug 17th, 2019
Koi carps in love May 21st, 2019
a festive glaceon Dec 22nd, 2018
A bird Dec 20th, 2018
Free draw P.I.O. Mar 20th, 2018
Sad Uranus Aug 24th, 2017
This must be the work of an enemy stand! Mar 13th, 2017
We're all maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad around here.,.,. Jan 5th, 2017