May 25th, 2016

cococolors has drawn 127 drawings and authored 104 captions across 231 games. They follow 39 players and have 22 followers. They've earned a total of 789 emotes!

Peridot saying "Clod" Dec 9th, 2016
Biggie Cheese Dec 9th, 2016
pedo bear Dec 9th, 2016
Guy with bleached hair points at bomb Dec 9th, 2016
something that looks like a Pokemon Dec 9th, 2016
Billy from billy and ed goes super saiyan Dec 9th, 2016
Jamacian guy saying he will heal ashes Dec 9th, 2016
A cute pink penguin Dec 9th, 2016
someone being caught watching a video Dec 9th, 2016
The Last Leg Dec 9th, 2016
A wizard casually having coffee with a bear Dec 9th, 2016
Broken down car with Jazza inside Dec 9th, 2016
Step 4: have no clue in what your drawing Dec 6th, 2016
RAGE QUIT!!! Dec 6th, 2016
felling your sins Nov 21st, 2016
Girl gets House key for christmas Nov 21st, 2016
Hitler with handlebar mustache w/ purple knife Nov 21st, 2016
No foxes with balloons Nov 21st, 2016