May 31st, 2016   Somewhere over the rainbow...

Maika has drawn 330 drawings and authored 243 captions across 573 games. They follow 76 players and have 41 followers. They've earned a total of 2,709 emotes!

brother mad that sibling plays with dirty toy Aug 16th, 2021
mall santa gone feral Aug 15th, 2021
Vampire bat lonely eating grapes for dinner Aug 15th, 2021
3 headed dragon is emotionally conflicted Aug 15th, 2021
Mermaid cat with a grill on its head barks Aug 15th, 2021
Foul mouthed stand up comic Aug 14th, 2021
OWO Mar 12th, 2019
Beached narwhal Mar 12th, 2019
A nice day in the desert Mar 12th, 2019
woman thinks of lost pet  bird Mar 12th, 2019
life has many doors, ed-boy Mar 8th, 2019
Yellow Hippo dressed like a minionLikeBananas Mar 8th, 2019
confusing the worker at the computer store Mar 8th, 2019
sad boi Mar 8th, 2019
BREAKING NEWS Mario is a furry Mar 8th, 2019
sunset over sea Mar 8th, 2019
Happy pig eats bacon Mar 8th, 2019
Mount Rushmore w/ Sanic Dolan Gooby Spodermin Mar 31st, 2018