June 2nd, 2016

Sphear has drawn 490 drawings and authored 647 captions across 1,137 games. They follow 28 players and have 46 followers. They've earned a total of 4,491 emotes!

Green boy is suprised by a ghost (also green) Dec 14th, 2021
emo goku Dec 14th, 2021
two-headed beachgoer annoyed at the sun Dec 13th, 2021
Depressed redditor Dec 13th, 2021
these eggs are out of this world Dec 12th, 2021
joker from persona5 i think Dec 12th, 2021
a drawing of a girl with long hair and bangs Dec 11th, 2021
Patrick from behind Dec 11th, 2021
A 5 year old writes daily newspaper :P Dec 10th, 2021
sentient sausage rants about going to heaven Dec 10th, 2021
waving toast with a letter a on it Dec 10th, 2021
Friendly taco has a moustache Dec 8th, 2021
pickle Dec 7th, 2021
Mrs Devil signs a contract Dec 7th, 2021
Spiderman wants the last waffle Dec 5th, 2021
pokemon devolving back to regular animals Dec 4th, 2021
rapper worm Dec 3rd, 2021
that time i reincarnated as a lizard Dec 2nd, 2021