July 26th, 2016

TheLovelyDuckling has drawn 166 drawings and authored 180 captions across 346 games. They follow 26 players and have 17 followers. They've earned a total of 613 emotes!

Christmas tree has obtained a flamethrower Apr 6th, 2020
Apparently this dude can draw better than you Apr 6th, 2020
Thumbs up mountain climber Apr 6th, 2020
Wolf in the forest Selfie Apr 6th, 2020
Three o m i n o u s spiders Apr 6th, 2020
Gremlin peridot (Steven universe) Apr 6th, 2020
Temmie from Undertale, PIO! Mar 6th, 2018
Super Milk Mar 6th, 2018
step 1 eat the fish Mar 6th, 2018
Heart - shaped grenade graduates. Mar 6th, 2018
Dont Starve Game Mar 6th, 2018
Depression and Anxiety Mar 6th, 2018
Pupy in underwater jail Mar 6th, 2018
Yandere Jellyfish Mar 6th, 2018
sunset over water Mar 6th, 2018
ABC Mar 6th, 2018
old guy lies to cops that it isn't weed Mar 6th, 2018
Vulcanic eruption Mar 6th, 2018