July 27th, 2016

agivise has drawn 56 drawings and authored 111 captions across 167 games. They follow 3 players and have 3 followers. They've earned a total of 349 emotes!

Me and the boys when we're on drawception. Jul 12th
boo boo Jul 12th
A mooncat Jul 11th
Volcano Head man Jul 11th
Anime baldi Jul 11th
Frog happy when Bee is in love with a flower Jul 11th
Caption: An Oak Tree. But it's a water glass Aug 6th, 2017
A waffle thinking about becoming Kawaii Aug 5th, 2017
I write sins not tragedies Jul 31st, 2017
draw me somthing awsome!!!! Jul 31st, 2017
Naruto kissing me Jul 31st, 2017
Man is confused by Youtube video Jul 31st, 2017
Steering wheel on a pink background Jul 31st, 2017
kermit being a naughty boy Jul 31st, 2017
kinky chimera Jul 31st, 2017
pigman stealing candy? Oct 7th, 2016
crybaby by melanie martinez Aug 8th, 2016
Cyanide and happiness on LSD Aug 8th, 2016