Socks are pretty cool

July 31st, 2016   insta: @dudesocksarecool :)

Socks are pretty cool has drawn 319 drawings and authored 171 captions across 490 games. They follow 1,731 players and have 276 followers. They've earned a total of 1,572 emotes!

Your safe place Oct 7th
Monstrous Walrus Oct 5th
Beard Oct 6th
Flower Garden Oct 6th
I am now a Picasso painting... Jul 26th
Creepy Doll Jul 1st
neko sans Oct 5th
Draw something utterly bizarre Oct 5th
Gum on the Moon Oct 5th
Mosquito Oct 5th
Sphynx from an Alien Planet Oct 5th
Elk eating a Dumpling Oct 5th
Controversial Astronaut Oct 5th
Inspector eating a Pear Oct 4th
Geeky Clown Oct 5th
Jealous Closet Oct 5th
Pet Battery Oct 5th
Ribbon Oct 5th