Hexlock Spear

August 15th, 2016   The Shame Basement

Hexlock Spear has drawn 500 drawings and authored 551 captions across 1,051 games. They follow 70 players and have 242 followers. They've earned a total of 7,960 emotes!

It's rainin' fingers! Jan 18th, 2018
be careful not to merge with your friends Oct 8th, 2017
so many clowns Oct 7th, 2017
Anime cat girl Jun 25th, 2017
an abomination Jun 25th, 2017
It's the snack that smiles back Jun 24th, 2017
Cena cent Jun 24th, 2017
The letter P Jun 24th, 2017
bloodthirsty kermit the frog Jun 24th, 2017
Chrome-eyed melon w/ dollar in glass on head Jun 24th, 2017
The Grim Reaper is flying Jun 16th, 2017
Glass Armor
Jun 16th, 2017
dinosaur named cheetah Jun 16th, 2017
how to show the fury. Stickman Jun 16th, 2017
drawception wrapping paper Jun 16th, 2017
wizard #1 Jun 16th, 2017