Maura “I rock” bruh

August 15th, 2016

Maura “I rock” bruh has drawn 48 drawings and authored 64 captions across 112 games. They follow 2 players and have 1 followers. They've earned a total of 128 emotes!

Police officer chases man in squirrel costume. Oct 2nd, 2016
man on drugs offers satan cocaine Oct 2nd, 2016
Birds declaring war by dropping golden bomb Sep 30th, 2016
Rick shoots an man Sep 18th, 2016
Eevee Sep 17th, 2016
Two shuckles combine (pokemon) Sep 12th, 2016
mimikyuu with a blue background Sep 10th, 2016
McDonalds fries are the holy trend Sep 10th, 2016
Steven universe fandom cancer Sep 10th, 2016
exeggecute gone wrong Sep 7th, 2016
Pikachu Is Crying and Sad Sep 7th, 2016
The Justice Hole Sep 7th, 2016
Mouse finds a place to hide Sep 6th, 2016
GradeAUnderA Sep 6th, 2016
Magician fights a demon with his magic power Sep 6th, 2016
Pikachu can't pokemon Sep 6th, 2016
Mouse wonders what 2+2 is Sep 6th, 2016
ketchup on a dorito Sep 6th, 2016