Born Loser

August 23rd, 2016   The depths of meme hell

Born Loser has drawn 38 drawings and authored 13 captions across 51 games. They follow 7 players and have 2 followers. They've earned a total of 83 emotes!


Latest Games

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You got me this is actually my final form. :( Oct 25th, 2016
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Baby touches the lighter when told not to :O Oct 24th, 2016
Rocket league ranks
Oct 24th, 2016
flying question Oct 24th, 2016
grandpa gurping sushi Oct 24th, 2016
ninja breaths blue fire Oct 24th, 2016
hell is in the underbelly of a red insect Oct 24th, 2016
Internet Explorer waves at you. Oct 24th, 2016