Loganasaurus Rex

August 25th, 2016

Loganasaurus Rex has drawn 42 drawings and authored 10 captions across 52 games. They've earned a total of 90 emotes!

blue guy in a spoopy forest Feb 7th, 2019
"wah." said waluigi, grinning. Feb 7th, 2019
Goblin with headphones challenges Taco King Sep 19th, 2016
badass dragon riding a tricycle Sep 18th, 2016
The rarest pepe you can imagine Sep 18th, 2016
The puncuation has derped Sep 18th, 2016
Marie Kanker Tries New style but is Embarrased Sep 6th, 2016
If Mickey Mouse became Harry Potter Sep 6th, 2016
100 layers of nail polish Sep 5th, 2016
Amazing potatoes in space Aug 28th, 2016
pigeon is a nerd Aug 28th, 2016
A Balloon Explodes in a Volcano Violently Aug 28th, 2016
Muffins strike back! Aug 27th, 2016
This is not a pokemon Aug 27th, 2016
TF2 soldier teleporting bread Aug 27th, 2016
Not-so-stealthy ninja Aug 27th, 2016
A Shiny Muk set on fire Aug 27th, 2016
A literal game of cricket Aug 27th, 2016