August 30th, 2016

kuru has drawn 745 drawings and authored 775 captions across 1,520 games. They follow 0 players and have 45 followers. They've earned a total of 11,800 emotes!

Pokemon fusion pio Oct 22nd, 2016
I want an egg sunny side dead Oct 21st, 2016
I am the snake in my boot. Oct 17th, 2016
Human obelisk Oct 17th, 2016
Bratman is "your wurst nightmare" Oct 16th, 2016
Ancient Satellites Oct 16th, 2016
Demon skeleton Oct 15th, 2016
green sphere introduces itself as "5 kerm" Oct 14th, 2016
Pass It On: Your most recent dustcatcher Oct 14th, 2016
Draw cool knife PIO(pass it on) Oct 14th, 2016
An amalgamation of Drawception memes Oct 14th, 2016
Whale Shark Oct 14th, 2016
Houndoom muzzled Oct 14th, 2016
A. (Say the alphabet PIO.) Oct 13th, 2016
When there's trouble, you know who to call Oct 13th, 2016
Luffy joins the Avengers Oct 13th, 2016
Ghost Moose Oct 13th, 2016
Rick eating Morty's brain Oct 12th, 2016