September 6th, 2016   Texas

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Kiwi bird cut look like kiwi inside. Jul 5th, 2017
Military Theme Free Draw PIO Apr 14th, 2018
Bill Pickle Cipher Mar 1st, 2018
HOXAC PIO Feb 12th, 2018
The iron giant Dec 24th, 2017
I'm a puppet on a string, (Cont. lyrics) Oct 26th, 2017
         dog with sunglasses Oct 16th, 2017
dat goldfish Oct 11th, 2017
[panel removed] Apr 29th, 2017
Taco (I.I.) Sep 20th, 2017
Native American Diglett Sep 19th, 2016
Yellmo on Tinder Apr 22nd, 2017
I used to rule the world (cont.) Apr 20th, 2017
Just a Small Town Girl! (cont song) Apr 3rd, 2017
Potter Puppet Pals Mar 30th, 2017
The Mar 20th, 2017
aesthetically pleasing Oct 6th, 2016
Drawceptionception. Jan 5th, 2017