September 15th, 2016   Hell

hakr14 has drawn 24 drawings and authored 92 captions across 116 games. They've earned a total of 124 emotes!

spotlight that calls all the gays Nov 19th, 2018
Castle with two red flags on its side-towers Aug 6th, 2018
If you eat candy your head disappears Dec 1st, 2016
tribute to Pappa Ravioli Sep 22nd, 2016
1: Monokuma does not approve of love Sep 22nd, 2016
Bowling ball plays basketball Sep 21st, 2016
"IDK THE GAME" Title screen Sep 20th, 2016
Your birthstone PIO Sep 19th, 2016
ILLUMINATI! Sep 19th, 2016
sonic going super saiyajin Sep 16th, 2016
Explosion Sep 16th, 2016
A podium in a dark room with cracked windows Sep 16th, 2016
DDR Sep 16th, 2016
A farmer is annoyed by steven's inane rambling Sep 16th, 2016
cow and mouse float in space (ft. dat boi) Sep 16th, 2016
Batman eats Taco Sep 16th, 2016
Beetle stuck in ice cube in space Sep 15th, 2016
Alola Form Komasan Sep 15th, 2016