September 20th, 2016   Trackpad is the only way to draw

TrackpadTraces has drawn 241 drawings and authored 1,182 captions across 1,423 games. They follow 17 players and have 13 followers. They've earned a total of 4,104 emotes!

yin yang with fish Apr 25th, 2018
Step 1 find a magic tree Nov 15th, 2017
What's outside? (PIO) Oct 2nd, 2017
Forest Dawn Sep 24th, 2017
Step 1: choose vet mode to get a top game Sep 23rd, 2017
Step 92: Wait, how did we get this far? Sep 23rd, 2017
Step one: Actually handle rejection well. Sep 23rd, 2017
Step 1: waste all your money at a convention Sep 23rd, 2017
TrackpadTraces 1 year on DC! Sep 20th, 2017
Favorite Movie PIO Sep 19th, 2017
Its hard to be noticed when you're a potato Sep 19th, 2017
EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!!! Sep 18th, 2017
Draw something creepy, PIO Sep 18th, 2017
Use all the colors PIO Sep 17th, 2017
Free draw upside-down PIO Sep 16th, 2017
2 colors 1 brush PIO Sep 12th, 2017
Cowboy Bebop Sep 12th, 2017
Jellyfish Sep 12th, 2017