Im a Potato

September 30th, 2016

Im a Potato has drawn 140 drawings and authored 290 captions across 430 games. They follow 7 players and have 7 followers. They've earned a total of 976 emotes!

Penguin + Caterpillar + Peanut Jan 7th, 2018
SpongeBob shows vocab skills Jan 6th, 2018
Grand Theft Noot V Jan 6th, 2018
Reacting to Wheel Of Fortune Jan 6th, 2018
Yoda teaches Math with R2D2 Projector Jan 5th, 2018
MAKE IT TOP pathethic vet game pio Apr 21st, 2017
..big hug. Then Egg...(cont story) Apr 17th, 2017
Taking the G train to Iceland Apr 15th, 2017
The pride Lego building is killing the death Apr 14th, 2017
Visual puns! PIO Apr 14th, 2017
Pokemon Fat version, with sad fat blue pikachu Apr 14th, 2017
Step 1: achoo Apr 14th, 2017
its just blue (so whatever i guess???) Apr 14th, 2017
Choose one, two choices PIO Apr 12th, 2017
"It" is in the sewer, but just for cleaning Apr 12th, 2017
Step 6: Hide The Body Apr 12th, 2017
Memes PIO Apr 7th, 2017
They Hear a "HEY!" from outside (cont. story) Apr 7th, 2017