October 2nd, 2016

svom has drawn 55 drawings and authored 58 captions across 113 games. They've earned a total of 72 emotes!

sentient metal bar goes rawr Jan 26th, 2019
Guitar on a big star Jan 26th, 2019
puma logo but "furry" Jan 26th, 2019
Crazy Tech Guy with Coke Dust Jan 26th, 2019
Dragon and unicorn fall in love Aug 4th, 2018
long nose man holding gray pen Aug 4th, 2018
Garnet (SU) Aug 4th, 2018
flex tape DC joke Aug 4th, 2018
Coconut with fire hair Aug 4th, 2018
We're talking away (Continue Song) Nov 11th, 2017
Not Fidget Spinner Nov 10th, 2017
Starco  svtfoe Nov 10th, 2017
Digimon P.I.O Nov 10th, 2017
Halloween VS Christmas (Amazing drawing, btw) Nov 10th, 2017
carrot in blue car in shape of carrot Oct 29th, 2016
HELP ME!!! I DONT KNOW!!! Oct 29th, 2016
Buger and giant grape in a bowl Oct 29th, 2016
Poo emoji singing opera Oct 29th, 2016